Readers Comments on "Doorways in the Night"

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On "Doorways in the Night"

"… the stories you sent me were very vivid and outside of my own experience. It makes me think I have led a sheltered life…".

Alan Bennett

On "The Key" by Jayne Scadden

The skilful writing brings alive to me the writer's sheer delight on moving into her council flat. Things most of us take for granted – toilet, bath, hot water – are described with great pleasure, and a wonderful touch of humour. Interspersing the narrative with glimpses of the writer's grim experiences of homelessness works devastatingly well. This is a powerful story.


On "Gaining Integrity" by David Beck

What shines through to me most in this story is the writer's sheer determination to find something positive in adversity. Despite all he has gone through over the years in his battle with 'schizophrenia' he emerges with a strong sense of optimism that enables him to work at changing what can be changed and accepting what can't. I too, was diagnosed with 'schizophrenia' at the age of 18 and I know how much the diagnosis and treatment alone can crush one's spirit. This story, I believe, gives a wonderful example of retaining, and building upon, that 'something inside so strong'. I find it very inspirational.